A&A Project Solutions is a professional consulting firm specializing in Real Estate Title Abstracting, Document Management and Project Management.

We are a title abstracting and document solution company. We provide residential and commercial abstracting to law firms, title insurers, national title companies, investors and realtors.  Our love for real estate ensures we are stay abreast of changing laws, processes and procedures that may affect our clients. Our company help small-mid sized businesses protect and preserve their business documents and create a plan to recover from man-made and natural disasters or to simply leave a legacy.

A&A is proud to be a First American Verified Title Abstracting/Examination Firm as of May 2017.

Title Abstract

We provide Current Owner/Limited Title Searches, Full Title Search, Updates, Deed Reports and Cell Tower Searches.

We serve the State of Georgia with our Real Estate Title Abstracting & Project Management Support, Document Retrieval and Recordation.

The people to trust with your title abstracting/examinations in Georgia.  We are solution driven and pride ourselves on dedicating ourselves to you.  We are constantly striving to meet your expectations and give you what you are looking for. With Us, You are always Number One.

Customer Service is not a dying breed with us. We stay in constant communication with our clients so there are no surprises later.  You can trust us with your information.

Document Management/Project Management

Conquer the challenge of managing and maintaining quick access to invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, employee files, expense reports and more. Improve customer service with a comprehensive document management solution that delivers information when and where you need it.

Our focus is to improve customer satisfaction by understanding what the customer values and needs by delivering solutions that are critical to their clients and organization.  We help clients eliminate the hard costs of  storing paper documents or losing them to a natural or man made disaster.

Our Experienced Project Managers are  available to provide the heavy lifting with our Partner, Agility Recovery.

We help our clients save time, find documents when they need them and  protect data.

We provide a single point of contact to ensure you receive complete satisfaction with accuracy, quality and timeliness with your projects.

When information is managed well, you ensure the information gets to the right person at the right time when you need it the most.

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